Red, Redhead, Ginger, Carrot Top, Freckle Face...

I will answer to all of the above.


It all started when...

Mom bought a video camera to film my brothers and I playing sports. I would spend endless hours watching my favorite movies over and over wearing out the VHS tapes, and then when I was actually allowed to have friends over - I'd make them act in remakes of these movies that we would film around the house or we would make up  dances as though we were in music videos of the top radio hits at the time. 

Other than that my story is quite the same as every other actor. I acted in church and school plays, got "the bug" and I've been chasing my dreams all over the country ever since. I'm originally from Delaware, I studied and lived in New York City for four and a half years, I've been in Los Angeles for eight years, while also sharing residency in New Orleans. 

I have a problem with sitting still and waiting for a phone call, so I've always worked a lot behind the camera working as Producer, Coordinator, Production Manager, 1st and 2nd Assistant Director, and the o so glamorous Production Assistant position. I also had an amazing opportunity to learn how to brew beer and start a craft beer brewing company. It's been quite the adventure so far - and I'm excited for what's ahead.


Other fun nicknames I will answer to:

Mookie, Mook, Mook Monster, Moo Moo, Moo, Mooey, Moodacious, Shay, Shay Shay, Shay Shay La Roue, Schmoo, Shann, Sha Nay Nay, Nay Nay, Sha Sha, Shannahan, Shananigans, Smurr, Murr Murr, Red...and I think that might do it.